Thursday, 12 March 2015

Henry Fletcher HANCE - Archivist and Botanist

Previous posts have mentioned the fact that over the years graves within the Hong Kong Cemetery have had to be moved in order for tunnels and flyovers to be built.  One such grave is that of Henry Fletcher HANCE who arrived in Hong Kong in 1844 seeking employment as a clerk in the new administration.  A few years later, in a moved aimed at broadening his horizons, Henry was successful in obtaining a post in Canton with the Superintendent of Trade for China and rose to become Keeper of the Archive.  This led on to a long career as a consular official in Whampoa with acting appointments up and down the China Coast.  Life in Whampoa would have been quiet in the extreme but to brighten his life he had a wife whom he adored.  His leisure hours were spent in pursuit of his favourite science – Botany – and he became an authority on the plants of China.   Henry died in 1886 in Amoy and his body was brought back to Hong Kong for a funeral fit for an Acting Consul.  His grave could originally be found in Section 8 but this was one of those sections affected by the road widening schemes of the 1970s.  The grave of the Botanist can now be found in Section 4 of the former Hong Kong Colonial Cemetery in Happy Valley.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hong Kong Police Constable 99 - James Edward NEW

The story of PC 99 James Edward NEW can be found on my Hong Kong Police Ancestors Blog at:

He was a member of the intake known as "The Forty Thieves"
recruited from the Royal Marines in 1900